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Hosein Mohseni

Gallery Owner and Director

Born in 1988 in Tehran, Hossein received his Bachelor degree in engineering and a master degree of MBA. Hossein went on to pursue his career in IT and start-up environment when he came up with the idea of an online gallery. the idea and working with artists and getting involved in art environment led to the opening of Artibition Gallery in real word.

Hossein is very passionate about reviving the works of the old masters but also giving opportunities to a newer generation of emerging and pioneer artists.


Nafise Ansari

International Affair (Europe)

Born in 1982 in Tehran, Nafiseh spent her formative years and received her primary education in England. Upon returning to Iran, she developed a deep fascination for Iranian culture and art. Nafiseh went on to pursue her studies in conservation and restoration of historic and cultural artifacts at the Art University of Isfahan, where she specialized in restoring bronze objects.

She honed her skills in watercolor painting under the supervision of renowned master Siavash Mazloumipour for several years.

In 2020, Nafiseh made the decision to immigrate to England. In her newfound home, she commenced her second master’s degree, focusing on Iranian studies and delving into the art history of pre-Islamic Iran, particularly Sasanian Pahlavi texts.